Christmas Quacker - Eco Friendly Card

Christmas Quacker - Eco Friendly Card

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The minimal-waste greeting cards are perfect if you want to send a thoughtful message to a loved one while being a little kinder to the environment.

While some people prefer to send a text or an e-card, there’s nothing quite like sending a handwritten note card on a special occasion or to let a loved one know you’re thinking of them. A handwritten envelope arriving on someone’s doormat (amongst all the bills and the junk mail!) can really brighten that person’s day. I hope the cards I create will be cherished, not thrown away. The cards are fully recyclable, but it’s always better to reuse where possible. These artistic greeting cards are designed to create lasting memories and are perfect for popping in a square picture frame.

A more earth-friendly alternative to mass-produced greeting cards, The Princess and The Pickle’s cards are:

  • Made with 100% recycled paper from post-consumer waste. No trees are harmed in the making of these cards!
  • Designed and printed in Hampshire, UK, with materials sourced from within the UK and as locally as possible, reducing my carbon footprint.
  • Plastic free. Hurray!
  • Designed with original photography-based artwork and intended to be cherished, not thrown away. However, they are of course recyclable.
  • Blank inside for your own message, making them perfect to personalise for any occasion.

A low-waste policy and any off-cuts of card are saved and used to make biodegradable wildflower-seeded or naturally scented confetti which you can sprinkle inside the cards as an added gift for the recipient. Any scraps left unused manage to find their way into the kids’ craft drawers where they are certain to be put to good use!

The packaging used to display my cards at craft fairs and markets are biofilm presentation sleeves, made with vegetable starch derived from renewable crops. These are completely plastic-free and are fully biodegradable and compostable, but are stable enough to protect my cards from the elements while trading in all weather and prevent the cards from any damage.

Recycling greeting cards

Many people still love to send cards for birthdays, Christmas, other special occasions, or just as a note to say hello – and it’s lovely to receive a card in the post too, but please choose greeting cards responsibly! The Princess and The Pickle greeting cards can easily be recycled or reused by their recipients.

All of the cards Created are uncoated, with no glitter, foil or embellishments, so can all be recycled. Alternatively, as the cards are artistic reproductions from original photography, they also make nice framed prints and fit perfectly in a 6×6″ square frame. It’s always better to try and reuse before you recycle!